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Why Is It Important To Reference?

What is referencing?

Referencing is a way of showing where the ideas, theories, quotes, facts and other evidence and information you use in your assignments can be found. Any books, journal articles, websites, etc that you use to research your assignment must be referenced.

Why is it so important to reference?

  • It allows you to avoid plagiarism by acknowledging that you have used ideas and written material belonging to another author.
  • It demonstrates the scope and depth of your research.
  • It enables anyone reading your work to look up your references and read them for themselves.

Harvard Referencing Style

There are many different referencing styles. Harvard is the most commonly used one in GMIT.

The Referencing Guide developed by the Library describes in detail the rules of the Harvard style. It includes examples of how to reference books, ebooks, journal articles, newspapers, websites, etc.

  • Important Note: Some departments may recommend using a different referencing style or have guides of their own. In this case, use your department's guide. If in doubt, check with your lecturer / department.

The important thing to remember when referencing is to be consistent with whatever style you are using.

There will be two parts to every reference you use:

  • The in-text citation, a brief reference in the body of the text
  • The reference list at the end of your text, which gives the full details of the works so that your readers can follow up for themselves


Referencing Software

Endnote is a reference management software package that allows users to create, store and manage references. Library Guide to Endnote

Microsoft Word has a simple built-in referencing tool to help you create references. Library Guide to Referencing with Microsoft Word

The Library provides training on both Endnote and Referencing with Microsoft Word throughout the year. Please check our calendar for the training schedule.

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