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EndNote Online: Sharing References

EndNote Online

Sharing Groups

You can share references that you have put into groups with colleagues who also have EndNote Online accounts.

  1. Go to the 'Organize' tab on EndNote Online and choose 'Manage my groups'
  2. Tick the box opposite the group you want to share
  3. A sharing icon will come up to the left of the group's name 
  4. Click the 'Manage Sharing' button beside this group
  5. Click on 'Start sharing this group' and enter the email address(s) of those you want to share with
  6. Choose 'Read Only' or 'Read & Write access' to your group. With ‘Read Only’, those you share with can use your references in Word documents and copy your references to their own library, but they cannot change them. With ‘Read & Write access’, they can also amend your references, add references to the group, or delete references from the group.

  7. Click 'Apply' to start sharing the group.

Using Shared References

  • Shared groups are seen under Others’ Groups for all people who have been given access, but are not the owner.
  • To use shared references in your own documents, tick 'Use for Cite while you write'.

Groups shared by others

Tip: Hover over the Access icon to check privileges.

  • Read & Write privileges gives the ability to edit shared references, remove references from the shared group and create a Bibliography. Note: References cannot be deleted from the owner's library. If more than one person is editing the same reference simultaneously, the person who saves last will submit the final edits.
  • Read only privileges do not permit shared references to be altered. | Galway City, Dublin Road 091-742785 | Galway City, Wellpark Road 091-745409 | Mayo 094-9043146 | Connemara 091-742666