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Design: Websites

Welcome! This guide will help you find the best information sources for Design

Recommended Websites for Design 

Creative Ireland directory and discussion forums for the Irish design community.

BBC Culture Designed the best of global, game-changing design in fashion, technology and architecture.

We Wear Culture Google's fashion project, the stories behind what we wear.

Ted Talks ideas about design.

Tips for Evaluating Websites

How do you know if information you find on the Internet is reliable?

Take a minute to ask yourself the following questions.


• Is the information reliable and error-free?
• Is there an editor or someone who checks the information?


• What are the author’s qualifications for writing on this subject?


• What are the topics included in the work?


• Is the content of the work up-to-date?
• Is the publication date clearly labelled?
• Broken links are one measure of an out-of-date page


• Is the information presented with a minimum of bias?
• To what extent is the information trying to sway the opinion of the audience? | Galway City, Dublin Road 091-742785 | Galway City, Wellpark Road 091-745409 | Mayo 094-9043146 | Connemara 091-742666