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Design and Innovation: Academic Integrity


Academic integrity is the moral code of academia.

You must have honesty, responsibility and fairness in your studies and acknowledge the work of others by giving credit where you have used other’s work.

Academic integrity means that  ATU staff, in their teaching and students, in their learning, are expected to treat others with respect - fairly and honestly at all times. Abusing, being deceitful or stealing work from others is not acceptable.

Academic integrity is important because it is the principal merit on which the colleges' learning, teaching and research accomplishments are fostered.

Academic Integrity is about conducting research, writing, and teaching with integrity and honesty.


All ATU staff & students are responsible for maintaining academic integrity.

Academic integrity means:

  • Doing your academic work well and with honesty, and
  • Giving credit to other people′s work and ideas by correctly citing and referencing the original source.

Suite of Online Interactive Courses - ATU login required

As part of the Learning and Innovation Skills (LIS) module all first year students engage with the three sections of this online course. The content support students as they settle into college and will guide them through what is often unfamiliar territory both academically, socially and personally. The Academic Success programme will help  focus on your goals and motivations, while also teaching new, vital skills for succeeding in higher education and enabling students to participate effectively in college.

Course 1: What is higher education for?

Course 2: Introduction to student skills

Course 3: Academic integrity

Essential Reading

ATU aim to foster and maintain a culture of honesty and academic integrity.

"All staff and students have an obligation to act in an ethical manner, consistent with the requirements of academic integrity"
(ATU Policy on Plagiarism, p. 2).

If there is a breach of code of conduct with respect to academic integrity the college may take disciplinary action.

Academic Integrity Standards

The following examples infringe standards of academic integrity:

  • Submitting other people’s work as your own.
  • Submitting similar or identical work for more than one assessment.
  • Falsifying research data, results or other research matter.
  • Providing incorrect information to obtain unfair concessions.

Useful Videos

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