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Film and Documentary

Welcome! This guide will help you find the best resources for Film and Documentary.

Getting Started

Information can come from many different places...books, journal articles, websites and social media to name a few.

It's good practice to include a variety of information sources when you are gathering information for an assignment. This shows that you have researched your topic thoroughly and have evidence to support your writing.

A good start is to find some information from

  • books
  • journal or magazine articles
  • websites

And remember, don't rely on one source only.

Top Resources for Film and Documentary

In a hurry? Try searching these first.  

GMIT Library Collections for books, ebooks, journal articles and more  

Or these recommended databases for Film and Documentary

Galway 091-742785 | CCAM 091-745409
Mayo 094-9043146 | Letterfrack 091-742666