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Nursing: Journals

Guide to GMIT Library for students of Nursing

About Journals

A Journal is a scholarly publication or academic magazine usually published at regular intervals eg. weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.  Scholarly/academic journals report on current, original research and theories. Articles are written by and for academics, researchers & professionals. GMIT libraries have both print and online access to journals. Access to thousands of electronic journals is through the library website.

Why do we need to use Journals?

  • To get a wide range of current and historical information for research assignments
  • To keep up to date with the latest developments in your subject
  • To read articles written or recommended by your tutors

What are Peer Reviewed and Refereed articles?


When an article is Peer-Reviewed, the editors of the journal send it to experts in the relevant field; e.g., an article about Nursing would go to other Nursing lecturers and professors.  These experts provide feedback about the quality of research and presentation of findings, and more.  This ensures that the articles that are published in academic journals have merit and contribute to the overall research in that field.


A Refereed Article is also sent to other scholars in the field.  However, here, the reviews are blind.  The academics conducting the review do not know the name of the author.  Often, the reviewers' names are not made known to the author.  This ensures that the work is judged solely on its own merit rather than the author's reputation. The manuscript must be reviewed by at least two other people.

Types of Journals

Scholarly / Academic Journals (peer-reviewed / refereed)

Many of the scholarly journals in general and psychiatric Nursing are published by  professional associations (e.g. American Psychiatric Association, Royal College of Nursing) and  major publishers (Elsevier, Wiley, Oxford etc.). Not every article in an academic journal will be scholarly.  Many contain book reviews and  editorials that do not go through the same verification review process as articles.

British Journal of Nursing

Journal of Advanced Nursing
Journal of Clinical Nursing

Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Nursing and Health Sciences

American Journal of Psychiatry

Professional and Trade Journals

The purpose of a trade journal is to inform those within a particular industry or profession of the latest news, trends, techniques or product information for that industry. Articles are generally written by professionals associated with the trade and are not intended for a scholarly audience.

Nursing Standard

World of Irish Nursing and Midwifery

Popular Journals / Magazines

The main purpose is to provide information for an educated, but non-specialist audience. Articles usually provide coverage of topics of current interest and are written by journalists, freelance writers or staff of the magazine who may not have any expert knowledge in that subject. The publication is often glossy with lots of pictures and advertising.

Total Health Magazine

Academic Jargon

E-Journal - Published online or available through a database.

Article - The main type of journal content.

Abstract - A summary of the article.

Citation – Refers to sources you use and quote within your assignment.

Reference list - The detailed list of sources that have been cited.

Bibliography - A list of all references consulted in preparing your assignment whether directly cited or not.

Peer Reviewed - Experts review every article before publication to ensure the content is correct.

Full Text - The entire text of the article is available to you online.


Finding a Specific Journal

If you have a specific journal title you would like to consult and it is available in GMIT Libraries whether in print or online, you can search for it through Search + Find or browse our e-journals portal.

Print journals cannot be borrowed but articles can be photocopied, subject to copyright restrictions.

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