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Research & Postgraduate Students: Getting Published

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Make Your Research Count...

Publish in a journal where it will have the greatest impact!


Edanz Journal Selector

Search over 28,000 journals and 7.5 million abstracts to find the journal that's right for you.

Elsevier Journal Finder

Discover which journals are most relevant to your research.

Manuscript Matcher

From EndNote Online you can now match the best journals for your research. With a few key pieces of information - your title, abstract, and references Manuscript Matcher can help you find the right journal for your manuscript.

JANE - Journal / Author Name Estimator

Have you written a paper but not sure which journal you should submit it to? Or maybe you want to find relevant articles to cite in your paper? Or are you an editor, and do you need to find reviewers for a particular paper? Jane can help!

Useful Books

Writing for Academic Journals
Publishing From Your PhD : Negotiating a Crowded Jungle
Write More, Publish More, Stress Less!
Academic writing and publishing : a practical guide
Academic and Professional Publishing
Title: Publish Don't Perish: 100 Tips That Improve Your Ability to Get Published

Open Access Publishing

Open Access (OA) publishing means making research publications freely available so anyone can benefit from reading and using research.

ATU's Opening Access publishing options:

List of questionable, scholarly open-access publishers.

Publishing Your Thesis

All postgraduate thesis are made available in electronic format via the Research@THEA institutional repository for consultation publicly via the web under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

Online publication of a thesis permits immediate access from anywhere in the world and offers the potential for a thesis to be cited more often in other research; giving ATU research more exposure.

Candidates must submit an electronic copy of their thesis to the library.

Simply email it to:

Elsevier Publishing Campus

A free online platform offering lectures, interactive training and advice from professional.

If you are interested in writing a journal article or submitting a book proposal, if you are learning how to conduct peer review for a high impact journal or trying to understanding research and publishing ethics or writing a successful grant application, whatever it is Elsevier Publishing Campus may have the resources to help you achieve your goal.

Web of Science Citation Map

A Citation Map is a graphical depiction showing the citation relationships (cited references and citing articles) between a paper and other papers using several visualization tools.

Using citation mapping, you can analyse which researchers are citing you. You can also set up a graphical representation of the papers that you have cited your published work.

To view a citation map simply click on the title of a publication within a results list in Web of Science. From the menu on the left choose 'View Citation Map' and select the citation direction required (forward, back or both).

Transformative Agreements

Transformative agreements are agreements established with a publisher or publishers and represents a move away from subscription based reading to open access publishing. Transformative Agreements are sometimes referred to as Publish and Read Deals.

ATU Library Sligo manage our transformative agreements

Author Disambiguation

Because multiple researchers in the same or different fields may have the same first and last names, there is an author ambiguity problem within the scholarly research community. To circumvent this problem, the idea of assigning each researcher a "unique author identifier" comes into play.

It is important to distinguish your body of research and scholarly works from other authors, for example to demonstrate impact to funding bodies or to facilitate collaborations with other researchers. This can be challenging particularly for authors with common surnames. The Orcid and ResearchID tools are available to help you disambiguate yourself from other researchers and to compile and showcase your own work for the scholarly community at large.

A persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher. ORCID provides three settings: public, limited or private, so you control the defined privacy settings of your own record data.


A unique identifier to enable researchers to manage their publication lists, track their times cited counts and h-index, identify potential collaborators and avoid author misidentification.


Call for Papers

Organizations and publishers often issue 'Calls for Papers' on a specific topic, either for upcoming conferences or symposiums or for a special topics issue of a journal publication. 

Conference Alerts - academic conferences worldwide

Researchbib - covers scientific and scholarly events

WikiCFP - semantic wiki for Calls For Papers in science and technology | Galway City, Dublin Road 091-742785 | Galway City, Wellpark Road 091-745409 | Mayo 094-9043146 | Connemara 091-742666