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Why do you need research skills?

► they allow you to find suitable information and evaluate it for quality and relevance

► they give you the ability to create and communicate your ideas

► they encourage critical thinking

► they are transferable in education, the workplace and beyond


Research skills basically means gathering and presenting information.

Booking a flight, choosing an online course, trying to find the ideal restaurant or hotel – these are all examples of research in daily life. The internet is a large part of our lives. Using Google, or other search engines, is a way of researching.

Research skills refer to the ability to search for, find, get, manage, evaluate and use relevant information to answer questions.

These skills aim to help you:

  • know how to plan a research topic
  • know how to do a research topic
  • know about different kinds of information
  • know how to search for information online and in print


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