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Business in Rural Enterprise & Agri: Journals

Guide to GMIT Library for students of Business in Rural Enterprise and Agribusiness

Journals are a very important source of information in all academic subject areas


Why are students expected to use Journals?

  • To get a wide range of references for your research assignments
  • To keep-up-to-date with the latest developments in your subject
  • To stay at the top on your subject
  • To read articles written or recommended by your tutors
  • To find topical project/essay/assignment information and ideas

Journals, like magazines, are published on a regular basis. They contain articles written by experts in a particular field of study.

We have a small collection of journals on the library shelves, but most of our journals are available online. 

Finding Journal Articles Video

Can't find it?

The journal article you need isn't available in GMIT Library. Use our Document Supply Service. Please note you may be charged €4 for this service. Contact us for more info.

Do you know of a journal that should be available in GMIT Library? Recommend a journal to add to the library collection.

Finding Journals

Finding a journal title is different to finding a journal article.

Each journal title has a number of individual journal articles in each issue.

To find a journal title online browse our e-journals portal.

Search tips

Search tips

  • Do you know what journal articles you're looking for? Use the author's surname and the article title. For example, Kramer rethinking trust
  • Are you browsing for journal articles on a topic? Use a few keywords. It's a good idea to be as specific as possible. For example, history Ireland famine
  • Use Refine Results to filter to Academic Journals and/or Magazines and/or Trade Publications



Search for Business Journal Articles

Types of Journals

Scholarly / Academic Journals (peer-reviewed / refereed)

The main purpose of scholarly journals is to report on original research, theories & critiques in order to make information widely available to the academic community. Articles are written by and for scholars, researchers & professionals.

A large proportion of the scholarly journals in Business are published by  professional associations (e.g. American Economic Association) and  major publishers (Elsevier, Wiley, Springer etc.) Peer-reviewed journals can be identified by their editorial statements or instructions to authors (usually in first few pages of the journal or at the end) or on the home page of the journal.

Not every article in an academic journal will be scholarly.  Academic journals contain book reviews and  editorials; these do not go through the peer review process that the articles do.

American Economic Review
Journal of economic literature


Popular Journals / Magazines

The main purpose is to provide information for an educated, but non-specialist audience, of interested readers. No background knowledge or expertise is assumed. Articles usually provide a broad coverage of topics of current interest. Articles are written by journalists, freelance writers or staff of the magazine who may not have any expert knowledge in that subject area. Articles are not peer-reviewed, they are often glossy with lots of pictures. Advertising is prominently featured.

The Economist


Trade Journals

A trade magazine or trade journal is a publication that targets a particular industry, trade, or business. The purpose is to inform those within a particular industry or profession of the latest news, trends, techniques or product information for that industry. Articles are generally written by someone working in the trade or profession and are not intended for a scholarly audience.

Retail News
Industrial Relations News


Terms and Definitions

You need to be aware of the following terms and definitions with regard to journal content:

Article - The main type of journal content

E-Journal - Published online or available through a database

Full Text - The entire text of the article is available to you online

Citation – Information about the author, title, publication details, i.e enough information to find the article on a database

Abstract - A summary of the article

Bibliographic database - Where information about print and electronic journals are generally found

Peer Reviewed - Experts review every article before publication to ensure the content is correct

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