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Library Skills Support: Online Library

The online library provides students with access to trusted, quality information sources such as books journals, ebooks and other academic sources to support your studies and learning. One of our aims is to help students’ study successfully and develop skills to enable them to use the wide range of information sources available online and in print. Students need to be able to retrieve, evaluate and use information effectively, this session will concentrate on retrieval…

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the features of the library website and how to navigate it;

2. Be able to use Search + Find, the library’s discovery tool, to discover the library’s collections;

3. Know how to retrieve books, articles, and other resources to access information appropriate to your research needs;

4. Understand basic search techniques;

5. Recognise the range of supports available via the Library.

Your Choices:

Live demo (video) Transcript of live demo video (doc) Presentation slides - full page (pdf)
Podcast - What is a library database? (audio) Presentation slides - handout with notes (pdf)
Did you know... You can speed up YouTube videos to quickly watch long videos and consume more information in less time. The playback speed feature allows you to speed up videos to 2x the normal speed, or even slow it down to 0.25x the normal speed.

By using Universal Design for Learning practices and integrating accessible learning materials, we attain to meet the instructional needs of all our ATU students and learners.

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of terms to explain library jargon.
All definitions are provided by the Association of College and Research Libraries.

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