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Teaching & Learning: Creating an inclusive curriculum

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate the barriers to accessibility to Higher & Further Education in Ireland

  2. Discuss the social & legislative drivers of accessibility in Higher & Further Education in Ireland.

  3. Identify and evaluate the supports available to students within their own educational Institute and compare them to those available in other colleges.

  4. Identify, categorise and develop an appropriate response to learning and communication difficulties faced by students with accessibility issues.

  5. Explain and apply the principles of universal design for learning with respect to curriculum design.


Developed through a collaborative partnership between AHEAD, DIT & AIT, the aim of this module is to provide educators with the pre-requisite skills and knowledge to be able to enhance the learning experience for a diverse student population through the creation of an inclusive curriculum that is underpinned by the principles of Universal Design. Upon successful completion of this module participants will understand the different potential challenges and learning needs of their students, in particular those from currently under-represented groups in HE or FE, and to be able to adapt their teaching practice to ensure that will all their students will have an equal opportunity to participate and learn.

Assessment Strategies

The assessments are based on the learning outcomes. The different assessment elements will form part of the participant's portfolio of learning. In order for the learner to pass the module they will have to pass all of the elements contained in the portfolio. All assessments will be marked on a pass/fail basis. Opportunities for formative feedback will be provided for all assessments and where that feedback is provided it will include advice as to future improvement. Each assignment will be presented to the group. This approach provides the basis for students to undertake peer and self-assessment of coursework. | Galway City, Dublin Road 091-742785 | Galway City, Wellpark Road 091-745409 | Mayo 094-9043146 | Connemara 091-742666